In addition to the jets/rhinestones and decorative stones, which we described in the other tabs of our offer, the hot fix ornaments that you will find in our store also include:

• nailheads - metal stud that look like a nail head because it is extremely thin-flat and relatively light; in our offer you will find mainly round flat studs in a full range of colors, but also nailhdeads of various shapes, e.g. stars, hearts, squares, rectangles, etc .;

rhinestuds - relatively light and delicate metal studs that resemble polished eight- and sixteen-sided decorative stones; in our offer you will find rhinestuds in a full range of colors (from standard gold and silver through roses, blues, matt graphites, to neon colors). We offer you studs in sizes 2, 3, 4 and 6 mm.

half pearl (epoxy pearl hot fix) - ornaments resembling the appearance of natural pearls cut in half, with a characteristic pearl color;

metal half round - ornaments with the shape of hald  pearls made in metal, which makes them relatively heavy, in comparison even with other studs – for example rhinestuds; they are available in a full range of colors and different sizes;

studs - metal ornaments in various shapes, above all resembling cones, pyramids but also skulls, hearts or rivets.

ceramic jets - they resemble half-pearls, but as the name suggests, they are made of clay - they look more like nacre and their surface is slightly polished, which gives them a characteristic delicate flash. We offer you decorative motifs using round ceramic jets, ceramic jets in golden ring, as well as ceramic ornaments in various shapes such as flowers, hearts and stars.

In our offer you will find hot-fix decorations in various shapes and colors, e.g. - shades of gold, silver, basic colors such as blue, green, red, pink, beige, and also in neon colors. What's more, the decorations described above can appear in a glossy or matte version!


Most of our hot fix ornaments can be placed on a special transport foil, which easily and quickly allows you to transfer the pattern directly to the chosen material using a flat iron or thermo-heat press. Unfortunately, some of the above-described decorations, especially the larger and more convex ones, are not suitable for laying on the foil because they are too heavy and the foil is unable to hold them. In this case, it is necessary to apply them manually and stick them to the pattern.

Hot fixes can be used to decorate fabrics and knits of various textures and weaves. What's more, you can stick them even on the mesh! The application is extremely simple, as it only requires dissolving the specially dried glue with the help of an iron or thermal transfer press. 

We offer you decorating materials with the above-mentioned decorations, also in combination with other embellisshing techniques, such as embroidery, sequins and sublimation printing. 

We also invite you to the "Downloads" tab, where you will find our catalogs of ornaments in the electronic version! 


Now in our offer you will find a new type of hot fix ornaments, which are made of glass, thanks to which they reflect light beautifully. We offer you ornaments in interesting shapes - stars, butterflies or small circles with a hole. There is also a hematite version of these ornaments (shades of anthracite). If you want to know more about these decorations, please contact our customer service office!

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