In order to meet your needs, we suggest decorating materials using various types of transfer foils, which can be an alternative to traditional decoration techniques such as embroidery or popular rhinedtone motifs. Moreover, thermal transfer foil might be used with other decorating techniques available in our offer - it will certainly allow you to create original and unique designs. What's more, the wide range of colons and textures of the foil will surely enchant everyone, and its easy application will allow you to decorate really fast.


In our offer you will find:

a. flex foils - smooth to the touch foils,

b. flock foils - with a characteristic "suede" structure,

c. glitter foils – foils made of glitter, slightly "rough" in touch,

d. 3d foils - foils forming a convex effect, 3d effect,

e. reflective foils,

f. foils with a decorative structure - imitating, for example, sequins, screen printing, etc.



Flex foil is the most popular type of thermal transfer foils. The most characteristic for this foil is the fact that after transferring it to material the design is relatively flat and smooth in touch, and also much thinner than design made from flock foil or glitter. In our offer you will find standard flex foils (films in basic colors such as yellow, red, black, neon yellow, pink), metalized foils (silver, gold), carbon foils (in different colors), foils with more stretchable / elastic structure (ideal for sportswear), “brick” foils (very thick foils that are smooth in touch, but give a 3d effect), holographic foils, reflective foils, transparent foils, or foils printed in colorful patterns resembling, for example, snake skin or leopard.


Flock foils are much thicker than the most common flex foils. What's more, their surface is more convex, because it has a kind of fuzz, which resembles suede. Patterns made of this film are soft in touch. In our offer you will find a colour range of flock foils - apart from standard colours we suggest you to use our flock in neon colours!


Glitter foils, just like flock foils, are much thicker than flex, they are covered with colored brocade, which makes them lightly rough in touch. The most popular are glitters in shades of gold and silver, but our offer also includes other colours (red, powder pink, navy, etc.), and even neon colours. Glitter foils available n our offer are much better than those that you can find in companies that make glitter screen printing. Our glitter foil is much more resistant to washing.


3d foil is a kind of flex foil, which under the influence of high temperature, not only stick to the chosen material (fabric or knitwear), but also the same high temperature allows the foil to start swelling to create the 3d effect. The design so far flat (cut from flat foil) changes and allows to achieve a convexity effect. What is interesting it the fact that the foil structure that we get after it is heated depends on the type of material on which we make the decoration. The best effect can be achieved on elastic materials, on which the 3d foil grows higher and is much more convex.



We also offer a new type of foil with a decorative structure, which under the influence of high temperature is transferred from the carrier to the chosen material. In this way, the chosen design appears on the target fabric or knit - imitation of sequins, printed flowers, etc. Decorations made with new foils in our offer resemble ornaments made with the use of  screen printing, but the main difference lies in the quality of both decorations. The pattern made with our foil is less susceptible to washing, and thus is much more durable and does not create the effect of "armor" as sometimes happens in the case of designs made by screen printing. It is also worth adding that the design does not crack when stretching the material on which it is made.



We already have another new transfer foil for you! We are expanding our offer with transfer foils that change colors. There are two types of such foil - one changes color under the influence of heat, the other changes colour under the influence of sunlight. Just imagine a design that appears only when it is illuminated by or a design that changes color when it is warm. Kids will definitely like a blouse with such a gadget!



Thanks to the thermal transfer technology, the patterns cut out of the above types of foils can be easily applied to the material you choose by pressing/ironing them on a thermal transfer press or iron. The application is extremely easy because the pattern is made on a special film – you just have to apply it to the material by using heat.

What's more, we offer you the service of designing and making patterns from selected foils and the service of fixing the design to selected materials.

We also invite you to the " download", where you can find our catalogs of ornaments in the electronic version!


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