In our offer you will also find a large selection of decorative stones that will surely appeal to all those who love artificial jewelry. The stones we use are hot-fix ornaments – it means that they are fixed to the selected material  thanks to high temperature. This process is possible through the layer of dried glue, which is located at the bottom of our stones, and which after heating on the thermal transfer press melts and allows fixing the ornament in the chosen place. The application of hot-fix stones is relatively easy and saves a lot of time compared to the sewn stones available on the market.


Faceted stones - these stones imitate natural stones, they are also polished in a similar way. Faceted acrylic stones are stones which edges are beveled, creating numerous kinks, thanks to which the light falling on the stone from different angles reflects from it giving the impression that the stone is shimmering. These stones are probably the most popular decorative stones available on the market, moreover, they are available in different colors - the most popular is the crystal color – transparent one, which looks like a cubic zirconia. Faceted stones are also in various sizes and shapes - through ovals, squares up to rectangles or tear drops.

„Smooth Stones” - smooth stones, unlike faceted stones, have glossy, smooth surface. This kind of stone is slightly convex, but does not have diagonally cut edges (facets). Similarly to faceted stones, smooth stones come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes (including tears, ovals, squares, etc.)

Brocade stones - these are decorative stones that are  covered with brocade creating a shiny coating. These stones have a characteristic rough structure and a silver-graphite shade.

Openwork stones (hollow) - these are stones with small, delicately cut spaces, between which, the material to which the stone is fixed is visible. An additional decorations of the „hollow”are tiny polished stones that give them a flash and elegant look.

Stones with flower pattern - in our offer you will also find plastic stones decorated with brocade and silver floral patterns. These stones are characterized by lightness, which makes them ideal for children's clothing.

Stones with fish scale - as the name suggests, these are stones that look like fish scales - decorative elements are applied to each other, creating the "fish" effect.

Stones à la "crocodile" - these are plastic stones covered with numerous small jets and decorative pyramids


Decorative stones are very interesting method of decorating women's clothing especially  dresses, blouses and hats. But not only! We can also use them to create designs decorating bags, belts and footwear. Garments decorated with these noble ornaments f.ex. blouse makes it unnecessary to wear additional jewelry, such as necklace.

We offer you ma king designs using decorative stones of various sizes, in various colors and shapes (oval, round, square or similar to a water drop). Decorative stones can also be combined with other decoration techniques available in our offer, especially with jets and embroidered elements.

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