Embroidery is one of the oldest technique of decorating materials. In addition, it is one of the most popular and quite cheap  method of embellishing garments. Our company can offer you specialized computer embroidery. Thanks to modern technology, we are able to make very precise patterns in a short time, using not only typical embroidery threads –like viscose and polyester, but also metallised and fluorescent ones too.


Our offer includes various types of embroidery, including:

classic embroidery - traditional embroidery made with a simple embroidery thread (the embroidery however might be made with different kinds of stitches)

3d embroidery – puff or  convex embroidery, created with the use of embroidery foam

embroidery with the application - diversification of the classic embroidery by sewing various materials, fabrics within a single pattern

cording – embroidery made of ribbons, beads, decorative chains and cords/strings (you can find more information about this embroidery technique in the cording embroidery)

chenille embroidery - loop or chain embroidery made with yarn (you can find more information about this embroidery technique in the chenille embroidery)

• richelieu embroidery - embroidery placed around the cut fabric

cross-stitch embroidery - the pattern is made of "crosses", which are joined together to form a whole embroidery pattern.

In our offer you will find a library of various types of stitches, for example in the shape of a stars. If you want to find out more, please check our Materials for download - special stitches.


We are able to make embroidery on different materials - knitted fabrics, fabrics, leathers, felts, nets, etc. We can make embroidery decorations both - on elements of garments and on ready to wear clothes. However there are some limitations on making embellishment on ready to wear clothes - due to the difficulty of putting the garment into an embroidery hoop (if you want to make embroidery on ready to wear products, please contact us). 

The material on which the embroidery is made is also very important because it is not always possible to use the hoop to stabilize the product, - on some materials the hoop may leave a mark, which cannot be iron. In case of such materials it is necessary to use other techniques making embroidery. We also propose making  patches and emblems for self-sewing or embroidery patches with thermofoil on the back, which allows to fix the badge to garment by using thermal transfer presses or iron.

We can also offer you patches with velcro!

In addition to the standard "single embroidery", we also do embroidery in the yardage. What is more, we can offer a combination of various embroidery techniques (e.g. traditional embroidery with an application and sequins, or string with sequins and jets) with other decoration techniques available in our offer. 

We also invite you to check our  "Materials to download", where you will find our catalogues of ornaments in the electronic version, including catalogues of embroidery threads!

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