In our extensive range of decorations, you'll also find laser techniques that we use to cut and engrave materials. By using the most modern laser plotters with different fields of work, we can cut both larger and very small elements that require high precision. We offer the use of laser techniques in decoration, which will allow you to make very original decorations in a relatively short time.

In addition, thanks to the use of a laser, we can cut embroidery elements (embroidery with the application) and various elements, which can then be combined to create ready-made decorative elements, e.g. in the form of flowers or brooches.


We offer you two types of decorating materials using laser techniques:

Laser cutting - involves cutting the elements of the selected material through, in such a way that the cut out elements fall out, creating a decorative openwork effect. Thanks to this technique, you can create decorative patterns, e.g. ornaments or tassels, or simply cut the material so that its ends will not split out, because the laser beam melts the material during cutting, allowing it to finish smoothly.

Laser engraving - it consists in burning the selected material in such a way that it is not cut through, but rather its surface is rubbed, which allows creating concave decorations on the material and obtaining a three-dimensional effect.

Both laser techniques described above can be combined with each other to create unique and original designs.


Laser cutting and engraving is best used on synthetic materials that burns nicely during processing. We offer you the use of laser techniques in decorating various materials - fabrics, knitted fabrics, leather, denim, felt, fleece, polyester materials, etc. Laser decorations work best on colorful materials where there is no visible burns after using laser. As for white materials it is necessary to make several tests to determine the optimal burning time and laser power, so that to minimize the appearance of light dirt on the edges of the material, resulting from the operation of the laser and the different specifications of the materials.

We also offer laser engraved badge that you can easily glue yourself using a press or iron. The plaques we offer have a dried glue at the bottom, which melts under high temperature and allows you to glue the badge in any place you choose - it is a particularly good idea if it is difficult to sew a standard plaque with the manufacturer's logo in a given place.

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