Dear Customers, we also offer you a variety of designs of our ready-made decorations, which we create by ourselves,  using the decorating techniques available in our offer. This is an interesting alternative to the ornaments proposed by suppliers cooperating with China. First of all, you do not have to order large quantities of such decorations at once, moreover, each element we make is identical and you do not have to be afraid that ordered decorations will turn out to be completely different than the accepted prototypes.


We design each of our “ready decoration”  for a client and together with him, during the design we decide on the final appearance of the ornaments. The most frequently chosen decorations include:

3d decorative flowers - flowers made by using laser cut technique – we cut out elements from various materials (e.g. from the skin, tulle, organza, satin, net) and then sew them together so that they look like a flower. Such flowers can be easily attached to clothes, hats or other garments by sewing them or fixing  them with hot glue. We also suggest creating flowers with a brooch buckle on the left side  - thank to that the attachment of the flower  to the chosen material is even simpler, and the decoration can be used on various items of clothing! 

ornamental collars - we can also make ready-to-wear decorative collars using all the decoration techniques available in our offer. Collars are usually made on nets but also on fabrics and felts - we can then decorate them with embroidery, pearls or jets. Collars can also be cut out on laser f.ex.  from leather.

badge/ orders- apart from the standard embroidery badges  available on the market, we offer you the opportunity to vary them with beads, pearls, rhinestones  (cubic zirconia) and decorative stones. In addition to the standard badges, we also make two-piece ornaments resembling orders (like those in army). We can join them together with special pinso that they are like brooches.

brooches - we can also make for you various types of decorative brooches, both elegant and casual ones, f.ex. brooches that look like various insects (bees, flies, ladybirds, etc.). What is more we can use use glitter foils, hot fix ornaments and pearls to decorate our brooches. Each of the brooches made by us is unique and can be successfully used as an independent jewelry. 

labels - in our offer you will also find labels printed with sublimation method, which is a type of digital printing and allows us to create even the most difficult designs in high quality. What's more, thanks to the use of this printing technique, it is possible to make even smaller quantities of labels, e.g. 100 pieces. We can also create for you labels from the leather engraved on the laser. This technique is most often used on men's and youth clothing, but it will look equally interesting on hats or bags. 

“printed tape” - thanks to sublimation (digital printing) we are also able to print polyester tape for you in any chosen pattern. The only limitation is the width and length of the tape, which should not be more than 80 cm long and less than 2- 3 cm wide. As it is not a print in the yardage but on the elements, it will look great as a decoration like a belt for a dress or a decorative element of a blouse.

"decorative screens" - in our offer you will also find ready-to-use ornaments in the form of squares and rectangles. Most often they are made by using sublimation process, which is varied with pearls, jets or transfer foils such as glitter. We also create screens on nets decorated with traditional and specialist embroidery  with cords and sequins.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the below gallery of our  designs !

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