Arlena is a company specializing in decorating all kinds of materials – knitwears and fabrics, as well as felt or leather.  We can make ornaments like embroideries, rhinestone motifs or any other decoration method on clothes, bags, bed clothes, shoes, hats etc.

We are a leading polish enterprise which creates patterns, decorations and ornaments with passion using a variety of decorative techniques. The most important part of our company are our employees, and among them especially those with many years of experience - thanks to their passion and original ideas, each day we set new trends which are often followed by others. Our originality and ingenuity is the result of experience gained thanks to years of work in the industry, as well as tracking global fashion trends.

Our history with the clothing industry began in 1988 when we focused primarily on tailoring. With time, however, we specialized primarily in providing high quality services in the field of decorating and marking textiles.

The main core of Arlena company is the embroidery department, which began our adventure with decoration business. We currently have the ability to perform:

traditional embroidery, using a variety of decorative stitches

• embroidery with the application (from leather, felt, furs, fabrics, etc.):

3d embroidery

• embroidery with the use of a technique called cording – it means we can sew on ribbons, beads and cords

• embroidery called chenille - an embroidery that looks like a terry towel /loops or a chain embroidery made with a yarn:

• embroidery with the use of traditional sewn-on sequins with a small circle for stitching in the middle of the sequin, as well as acentric sequins (so-called reversible ones - the pattern made with this method allows for turning the sequins upside down)

In our offer you will also find a huge selection of  hot-fix ornaments, that means they have a special glue on the back and might be iron on garments. We make decorative motifs using hot fix like:

rhinestones - zircons, Swarovski stones, they look like a natural faceted stone

rhinestuds  - they are similar to rhinestones but made of metal

nailheads –flat ornaments in different shapes (circle, stars, heart, square etc.)

pearls – with a special pearl surface and metal half round (metal half pearls)

hot fix sequins (spangles)

• decorative stones – acrylic stones which are faceted but also stones with a decorative surface f. ex. made up from glitter

Our offer also includes decorating materials with different kind of decorative foils cut out on cutting plotters, including:               

• flex foil- smooth in touch:

• flock foil-  with a characteristic "feel" structure, like suede in touch:

glitter foil - sprinkled with glitter, shiny            

• 3d foil

• other foils with a decorative structure (spangle effect, screen printing effect etc.):

Furthermore, we have a separate finishing department where we make hand-made decorations like flowers, patches and badges with pearls etc. In our offer you will also find so called pinned ornaments – like studs, pearls and metal half-round pearls.

The next section of our company is the sublimation printing department, in which we make full-colour prints on polyester or materials with admixture of polyester - on elements and in the yardage. It is also possible to print designs on our embroidery sequins – it looks really amazing!

We also offer laser cutting and engraving services. We make beautiful hand-made decoration with various element first cut out with laser and then fixed with pearls and studs.


We are still developing and we are looking for new ways of decorating materials. We are able to join all decorative techniques in one pattern, it only depends on our imagination.


Dear client create unique masterpieces with us!

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