The rhinestones, also called jets are small decorative stones imitating natural stones, which can be fixed to the material thank to the special layer of very strong glue. The most popular are rhinestones, which resemble jewellery stones - they are round and transparent. However, they can appear in different colours or shapes, and also they can have different sizes. The most popular are round jets in sizes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6mm. The wide range of thermo-jets available on the market gives you the opportunity to create in a simple way unique designs that will look great - the possibilities are almost  limitless, what is more, rhinestones in different sizes or colours can be freely combined with each other in one pattern. You should also know that their application is extremely easy and does not require high manual skills. In the past, jets were bought in pieces and each little stone had to be fixed to garment separately, which was a real challenge requiring precision and high manual skills. Nowadays, thanks to specialized machines for making  rhinestone motifs, we can quickly prepare even the most complicated and labour-intensive designs that you can easily stick on your own using a press or iron.


Jet motifs are “ready-to-stick” sheets of a special foil, on which we make your pattern/ design from different hot-fix ornaments – rhinestones, rhinestuds, nailheads, half-pearls etc. Single laying of each rhinestone (we mean one little stone) is very labor-intensive work, and if you need large quantities, this way of making rhinestone motif would be very inefficient. Rhinestone motifs that we present you, allow you to apply a large amount of jets to the selected material at the same time. Thanks to the high melting temperature of the specially dried adhesive (glue), which is located on the back of jet, it is possible to apply the designs directly to the material using a thermo-transfer press or iron. The customer can decide whether apply the rhinestone motif  in our company (professional sticking service) or to do it at home.


The jets are suitable for decorating many types of surfaces and materials. We can use them to decorate knits and fabrics, both natural and artificial, such as polyester or felt. Those who are more experienced in fixing rhinestones will be able to stick them on the net materials as well!

What's more, jets can be combine with other decorative techniques such as embroidery, sublimation or screen printing - they can be put on these decorative techniques.


Ever since rhinestone motifs have become an extremely popular form of clothing decoration, numerous companies specializing in creating jet motifs are still appearing on the market. The Arlena company has several specialized machines, thanks to which the production of rhinestone motifs is extremely fast and precise. In our company, it is possible to make even several sheets of rhinestone motifs at the same time, thus increasing productivity and instantly completing orders. Your patterns and designs can consist of many sizes and colors of rhinestones put together freely, according to customer preferences. We suggest using jet motifs in combination with other decoration techniques. In our offer you will find a wide selection of jets in various colors and sizes (2,3,4,5 and 6mm).


In our offer you will also find professional service of fixing rhinestone motifs directly on garments – materials, clothing, footwear, sock, bedclothes etc. We have industrial thermo-transfer presses and many years of experience in “sticking” various hot fix ornaments, thanks to which we are able to perform even the most demanding orders .

We also invite you to the "Downloads", where you will find our catalogs of decorations in the electronic version!

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