Are you looking for different types of decorative sequins? Do you want to create different patterns using classic or acentric sequins? All types of sequins available on the market can be found in our extensive offer! We have sequins in many colours, sizes and shapes. We offer shiny sequins, matte sequins, sequins with a hologram, pastel sequins, leather sequins and many more ...


Such a wide range of sequins gives us the opportunity to use them in many projects like – decorating clothing, footwear, bags, bedding etc. Sequin patterns can be sewn on a variety of materials - fabrics, knitwear, skins and even nets! Also, the sequin arrangement can be varied. We can sew sequins in different ways f.ex.: one by one (on the principle of scattering, side by side), in the shape of fish scales (in such a way that they overlap each other), or even we can sew smaller sequins directly on larger ones. The use of sequins is limited only by our imagination ...


Thanks to the use of the modern embroidery machines, we are able to create patterns consisting of even several types of sequins - so-called quadruple sequin. This is a unique embroidery technique on the market which allows us to create patterns made of sequins in four different sizes, colors or types at the same time. You can only find this technique with us!

We believe that sequins look even better when they are combined with other clothing decoration techniques. We can combine them with classic embroidery, as well as with pearls, glitters or rhinestones - all these different techniques of decoration give us opportunity to make a very interesting and unconventional designs.

For those who like interesting solutions, we also suggest to use in design sequins on  string. Such a combination gives a surprising effect, but it is just as beautiful as compositions composed of traditional sequins themselves.

Ordinary sequins can also sublimate - that is, we can transfer printing on them. More information about this technique can be found in our  Offer - sublimation printing.


THE NEW IS COMING – Acentric/ reversible sequins!

For some time, in our offer you can also find acentric sequins, colloquially known as reversible sequins. They are sequins, which have a hole for sewing shifted from the center to side. Thanks to that they can be freely turned over after they are sewn on. Any pattern embroidered in this way can get an interesting effect - on the one hand, it can present, for example, a smiley face and after turning the sequins upside down, a sad face will appear. 

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