Expanding our offer in the field of decorating materials, we offer you ready to use decorative motifs made of hot-fix sequins. Our hot-fix sequins look like classic sewn on sequins - they are round, but the difference is that they do not have a hole in the middle, which is necessary for sewing, when you use embroidery sequins.

Hot-fix sequins are similar to rhinestones, as they are laid on a special foil, which allows you to transport them – the whole motif. Hot-fix sequin motif can be fixed to any material you choose under the influence of a high temperature, by using iron or thermal transfer press.


Hot- fix sequins- TYPES

We offer you designing patterns using various sizes, types and colors of hot-fix sequins – matt sequins, glossy sequins, glitter sequins, and even transparent ones. All of our sequin motifs can be easily sticked to material – you can do it on your own or you can order it with us.

Sequins glued are found not only in a wide range of colors, but also in many sizes, f.ex. - 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm.


Hot- fix sequins- USE

Hot fix sequins which you can find in our offer, can be used to decorate both artificial materials such as polyester and natural ones - such as cotton. They can be glued on both - fabrics and knitwear. What's more, they are very nice technique of decoration, especially children's products, because when they are fixed to the material, they do not stand out  in any way, so children certainly will not eat them.


What is more we can combine different techniques of decorating material in one pattern – sublimation printing, embroidery, rhinestones etc. The effect that can be achieved by this opportunity is definitely unique.


Dear client, we invite you to check out the gallery below!


We also invite you to the "Downloads", where you will find our catalog of elements used to make decorations in the electronic version!

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