We offer you services in the field of sublimation printing. This process gives us opportunity to make high quality digital printing on a special transfer paper. The printing made on sublimation paper is then transfer to material by using hot press or calender.


The transfer of the printed image is possible thanks to the process of sublimation - the pigment changes from solid state into a gaseous one under the influence of high temperature. Thanks to this phenomenon, it is possible to transfer the print to polyester fabrics and knitwear, where the dye penetrates directly into the material and permanently connects with it - thanks to that the print is resistant to washing and abrasion.

We can print on materials with a lower polyester composition, e.g. 50%, unfortunately, the intensity of colors and their durability may, in this case, differ from the prints made on materials with 100% polyester composition.

Sublimation printing is especially popular in sportswear, which requires high quality and durability, especially for washing, because this clothing is often washed several times a day.

Sublimation printing gives a great opportunity to make unique designs. This is nice decorating method that can be used in the production of  clothes, shoes, or to create gadgets in the advertising industry - e.g. mouse pads, pennants, umbrellas, etc.


We offer you prints both on clothing elements (f.ex. on the front of t-shirt, on sleeve etc.) and in the yardage - printing from on material beam (maximum beam width is 160 cm).

We make graphics using sublimation printing not only on clothing but also on shoes, bags and many other materials. We also offer sublimation printing of clothing labels! Thanks to the low cost of project preparation, it is possible to print even 100 pieces of one design - you do not have to order 1000 items at once. We also print on polyester rubbers (elements), which can be used as a decoration or as a belt. What's more, we are able to make prints on welts, in such a way that the pattern made, for example, on the front of the sweatshirt, match to the printing made on the welt. The effect of such printing will surely enchant your customers!

We can combine sublimation printing with other decorating techniques such as rhinestones, sequins, embroidery or pearls. We also offer sublimation on embroidery sequins!




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