Cording embroidery is a specialist embroidery technique, which let us to sew on materials, patterns made of ribbons, beads, cords or decorative chains (e.g. metal or plastic chains). Very often this kind of embroidery is called “bead embroidery”, because it allows us to sew on beads really fast – the embroidery machine does everything for us and we don’t have to do it manually.


Thanks to modern embroidery machines, decorating materials has become extremely simple and fast.  We can offer our clients cording embroidery which allows us to sew on different materials decorative elements such as:



 • decorative chains and


What's more, we can offer you two different methods of sewing on patterns made with cording embroidery. These are:

 taping or


Both methods given above allow us to achieve two completely different versions of the same pattern/ design. The version made with taping means that we sew on  cord  along its middle – because of that the cord  becomes flatter and wider. In the zigzag sewing version, as the name implies, the cord is sewn once from left side and once from right side – it makes the illusion of waving (see the photos below).



The ability to sew cords or yarn on clothing allows us to create original designs, which are additionally convex - they create a 3d effect. What's more, thanks to sewing them on the surface of the fabric, we do not have any additional, thick elements from the bottom of garment – there is only a thin line of thread used as a stitch. Therefore, it is a decorative technique recommended also for children's products. Cording, allows you to create original designs, consisting of ribbons or beads, but it also allows you to combine them with other techniques of decorating materials such as jets, pearls, traditional embroidery etc


Due to the characteristics of the cording embroidery, which requires high stability of the material at the time of embroidering, we directly embroider cording patterns only on elements of  clothes, not on ready to wear products. If you would like to use the pattern made with this method on “finished” products, we suggest making embroidery in the form of a patch in a standard version for sewing, or in a version with a thermofoil, which allows to fix the badge to garment by using a thermal transfer press or iron.

What is more, cording technique allows us to create patterns made of  cord itself, so that the cord doesn’t have to be sew on – the elements of garment are fully made of cord – f.ex. we can make whole pocket or back of the blouse- it resembles a knitted sweater. If you do not know what it looks like, check the gallery below!



In addition, thanks to the possession of specialized machines for "twine", we offer you the opportunity to design and sew cords/strings of various thickness and twist, in a full range of colors - we can use all the embroidery threads available in our offer (viscose, polyester, metalized) e.t.c.) to produce cord you design.

We also invite you to see "Materials to download", where you will find our cataloguess of ornaments in the electronic version, including catalogues of embroidery threads!

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