In order to meet your needs, we propose you decorating clothes and other textiles using so called "pin ornaments" that are fastened to garments or footwear by using special pins. This technique relies on attaching decorative elements (like pearls) to the chosen material – it is possible thanks to a  kind of a special small nail that join together pearl and material.  In this way, a part of the sharp nail is covered with a decoration, and its bottom looks like a flat side of the nail – so it certainly will not irritate the skin.


In our offer you will find different kind of ornaments, including:

Pearls - round ornaments that look like natural pearls; they occur in different colours and sizes - 4 mm, 5 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm. Additionally, if you need to match the colour of a pearl to a specific material and you care about the best colour reproduction, we can dye pearls for you!

Metal pearls - just like the pearls described above, they are round and come in several sizes; in our offer you will find metallic pearls in shades of silver, gold and graphite; in addition to the standard smooth pearls, we offer you so-called globes, or metal pearls that resemble disco balls!

Half pearls - they look like half-cut pearl, so they do not protrude above the material; in our offer, we suggest decorating with silver half-pearls in various sizes.

Cones - studded ornaments, which shape resemble a cone, their top is ended with a sharp end, we call them simply studs.

Trapezes - these decorations in the cross-section resemble the shape of a trapeze; appear in silver.

Pyramids - they look like Egyptian pyramids, and have the basis that look like a square, from which come out the walls joining at the top, forming a pointed peak;

Stars - star-shaped decorations, in silver, size 11 mm;


The studded elements are a fantastic method for decorating clothing, footwear, hats, leather goods or even felt bags - on the one hand they look very elegant and rich, on the other hand, if you choose studs, they can give the products an original youth look. In addition, the easy way of attaching this kind of ornaments to different materials allows to use them on fabrics, knitwear, belts and many other materials. What's more, all types of these decorations can be freely combined with each other, thanks to which the pattern does not have to consist only of pearls, but, for example, it can be combined with rhinestones or rhinestuds.


In our offer you will also find standard rivets in various sizes and colors - gold, silver or graphite.  For more information, please contact our customer service.

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